Tree Planting by Plano Tree Care

Tree Planting Service

Tree planting is not a simple process. That’s why our skilled tree technicians are ready to help you, Dallas! We’ll consult with you regarding tree species, placement on your property, and proper maintenance to keep every tree you plant healthy and thriving.


No one wants to end up with an unsightly tree, wasted resources, or a compromised building foundation. Luckily, our knowledge and experience can take care of everything.


At Plano Tree Care, we understand the significance of landscaping trees in creating visually stunning outdoor spaces. Our expert arborists specialize in transforming your landscape into a natural oasis by carefully selecting and planting trees that thrive in the Plano climate. With our extensive knowledge of tree species, growth patterns, and aesthetic considerations, we can create a harmonious environment that enhances the beauty of your property.


Whether you’re looking to add shade trees for relief from the sun or ornamental trees for bursts of color, our arborists will guide you in selecting the perfect tree species. We consider factors such as mature size, foliage characteristics, and seasonal changes to ensure the right trees are placed in the right locations. Our landscaping tree services include professional tree planting, tree shaping, and tree relocation, all designed to transform your landscape into a captivating outdoor space.


When you need a tree planted in Dallas, think Plano Tree Care. We’ve been in the arboreal business for over 30 years and work with a highly respected and licensed horticulturist. If you are planning to plant and trees on your property, whether commercial or residential, we want to be part of that process!


We can consult with you and help you choose those species of tree that most suit your vision and your location – we provide the knowledgeable analysis necessary to plant trees that will thrive and make your dreams a reality. Based on soil analysis, light conditions, and a weather eye, trees we plant can enjoy a long life.


Beyond simply planting your tree, we also offer maintenance services that will ensure your trees are receiving the correct combination of nutrients to grow strong and look beautiful through well-managed health. We’ll plant your tree at a suitable distance from any buildings to ensure the roots don’t compromise building foundations and the branches don’t threaten any roofs. We can also train many trees to grow in such a way that their branches do not pose a hazard to power lines or buildings.