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Good tree and plant health care in DFW isn't as simple as you might think. The soil in our city lacks a lot of the nutrients and love needed to help with promoting huge, healthy trees. This, of course, makes tree care difficult and unpredictable. But not impossible! PTC is the top tree service Plano has to offer and we are ready to assist you with your tree care needs! Our certified tree arborists are fully licensed and insured to diagnose and treat diseased trees with a complete and comprehensive tree assessment. Plant healthcare overall is our passion and we take pride in making sure your trees thrive!

From tree trimming services/tree pruning services and tree planting to tree removal services and stump grinding services, we love it all! We always insure safety onsite for our employees and our customers and we educate our customers on maintaining their trees and plants as well as promoting longevity. If you're looking for someone to trust your plants and trees to, look no further than Plano Tree Care. We will have your back and garner your trust.

A Little Bit of History:


- Plano Tree Care proudly serving Collin County for over 30 Years!

- Family Owned and Operated

- Started out with a Single Cab pick-up truck and 1 Man with a Dream

- Allen High School Alumni

Why Choose Us:

- We Are Tree Care

- Utilizing ANSI 300 Tree Standards

- Plano Tree Care chooses Integrity Before profit! We are always going that extra mile to make sure each and every customer is satisfied and well taken care of!

- Professional Trained Staff

- A+ BBB

- Member of The Good Contractors List

- 2 Million $ Liability Ins

- Workmen’s Comp

- Member of ISA

- We care for young trees, mature trees, and all the in-between.

Why We Do It:


- Tree Care has become a passion through dedication and personal growth.

- We strive to be the Best!

- Enjoy helping people in need, love the interaction with customers. #Here2Help

- Plano Tree Care is here to serve the community and make a difference.

- Encourage others to Strive for Success.

-Trees are essential and a great natural resource! They improve our lives and our planet in immeasurable ways:

-Trees provide an aesthetic and peaceful environments which are proven to reduce stress and mental fatigue.

-Trees provide oxygen and absorb CO2 and other gases and odors to combat climate change.

-Trees provide food, protect the land, provide shelter and shade, conserve water, reduces erosion, reduces noise

-Trees provide shade to cool our homes, cities, and streets, saving energy

-Trees are a natural playground

-Trees give life to our wildlife

-Plano Tree Care is here to serve the community and make a difference.

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Let's Talk Tree Removal!

All too often people try to go with the cheaper option which usually leads to costly insurance claims and incomplete jobs. Plano Tree Care has expert arborists who specialize in the appropriate methods of tree removal and stump grinding.  Here are the steps we typically follow:

1. Assess the entire project to include necessary safety measures to personnel and home.

Tree Removal - PTC

2. Remove smaller branches.

 tree removal - PTC

3. Remove larger branches.

tree removal - PTC

4.   Cut down the tree trunk.

tree removal - PTC

5.   Grind down tree stump.

Tree Removal - PTC



When you’re looking for professional tree service in DFW, look no further than PTC! Our comprehensive tree care incorporates state-of-the-art technology and top-of-the-line professionalism to take care of all your arboriculture needs We provide the best tree service Plano TX has to offer..

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Tree Removal Plano

Tree Removal

Tree Remova Plano, TXl

Our highly trained technicians can handle all sizes of tree removal safely and professionally. We will rid your lawn of diseased or damaged trees. Our tree removal services include stump grinding, root removal/root grinding, cleanup and debris removal, as well as the overall tree removal of course.

Tree Trimming Plano

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Plano, TX

Adding trees to your property? Tree pruning is a necessity, both for the health of the tree and to keep your trees from becoming hazards to themselves and their surroundings. Our Plano tree pruning services include a thorough consultation before service with a quote and a suggested maintenance schedule to keep your trees healthy.

Storm Damage Services Plano

Storm Damage Clearance

Emergency Tree Removal/Storm Damage

24-hour emergency service, 24/7 weather permitting! That's right! We offer 24-hour emergency tree removal. You can depend on us when you really need us. Our emergency tree removal services include everything our standard tree removal services include: Stump grinding, root removal/root grinding, cleanup and debris removal, and of course the overall tree removal service. Don't let damaged trees stop you from going about your life.

Types of Trimming

Each Job and Tree is unique

Here are some examples

Class 1

Fine Tree Trimming- Rise Canopies, Remove Dead Wood over 1”, Thin interiors by 30%, Structural and Selective pruning as needed per species

Class 2

Standard Tree Trimming- Rise Canopies, Remove Large Dead Wood, Thin interiors by 20%, Structural and Selective pruning as needed per species

Class 3

Light Tree Trimming- Rise Canopies, Remove Large Dead Wood, Structural pruning as needed per species

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