Tree Removal

Tree removal can be dangerous. Always consult with professionals, and call us before attempting any type of clearing. Our experts can determine if a tree can be saved, and have both the skills and equipment necessary to remove any hazardous limbs or trees without damage to your property.

Avoid causing damage to your property or your person when tree removal is required: our experts can take care of all removal types from stump grinding to lot clearing to removing storm damage and more.

Tree removal can pose hazards to both your property and your people if it’s not executed carefully and correctly. Whenever you need any type of removal done, Dallas, think Plano Tree Care! We’ve been serving Collin County for over 30 years, and we work with a licensed horticulturist who specializes in sick and diseased trees. We can evaluate and diagnose your trees before removal, ensuring we are making the right choice before resorting to removal.

When tree removal is required, we have the experience and the equipment to execute tree removal safely while protecting your home or other buildings. This includes safeguarding your roof and avoiding any power lines. We will completely remove any trees required, complete with stump grinding and clearing all debris. (If you just need some random stumps on your property removed, we’ll take care of those, too!)

Our competent tree removal teams are also ready to serve DFW after any serious storms come through the area. We offer storm removal of any debris or felled branches and trees resulting from inclement weather. For property owners who need a parcel cleared for residential or commercial construction, Plano Tree Care will also take care of lot clearing for you. Give us a call today to schedule having a lot cleared and debris removed!


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