Plano Tree Care

Tree maintenance in DFW isn't as simple as you might think. The soil in our city lacks a lot of the nutrients and love needed to help with promoting huge, healthy trees. This, of course, makes tree care difficult and un predictable - But not impossible. Plano Tree Care is here to help!

Here at Plano Tree Care, our tree specialists can assist you with cabling, bolting, pruning and everything you need for a healthy landscape and properly maintained trees.

If you're concerned about the health of your trees, our Tree Care specialists are waiting to help you out. We've been serving the people of Dallas and Collin County for over 30 years and have gained a stellar reputation in that time. We work directly with a licensed horticulturist who specializes in sick and diseased species of trees and can give your trees the health checkup that is needed!

Tree Fertilization is the most important step you can take towards preventing disease in your garden. When you book a tree maintenance appointment with us, our Tree Care specialists will come to evaluate your home or business and deliver your trees nutrient packed fertilizer that’ll promote healthy growth and increase longevity. The level of care and fertilization that your trees need depends greatly on the season and the soil but, because we work specifically with trees in the DFW area, we know exactly what they require at all times.

As well as tree fertilization, we also offer cabling and bolt services. Cabling/Bolting is often required to stabilize trees with split trunks, week crouches and trees that have unique angles. If you’ve noticed these problems with any of your trees please don’t put off cabling/bolting, Plano Tree Care is ready for any situation and available 24hrs. Acting quickly is the key, your trees could become infected with harmful diseases or even cause damage to your property. We know you don’t want that! Please let our Tree Care specialists make it right.